Bar Scott

Steep N Heat - Ceramic Tea Lid that's also a Creamer Steamer

Hello FB friends! Here's a way to buy my Steep N Heat without going through Etsy. Just let me know what color or decoration you like. Depending on which color you order I may need 6 - 8 weeks to send it out. The ones in this picture are all I have and some are already gone, so I'll work as quickly as I can to get yours to you. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for supporting this idea. 

I'm having trouble figuring out how to add a paypal button and cart option to my store today, so just shoot me an email at barscott1026 at gee mail dot com. You can send a check or we can do paypal or square to complete your order. The plain colored ones are $19.00, which includes $4.80 in shipping. The decorated ones are $23, which also includes shipping. Hopefully I can get the price down in the coming years, but you're getting the first ones and helping this idea take flight, and I thank you. Love, Bar

My paypal address is: