Bar Scott

More (2015 Version with strings)

Bar Scott
April 6, 2015
Bar Scott


Written in 2004 for Forrest, this is a re-recording arranged by Chris Ranney. I LOVE this version. It's in a better key, with a better pianist (Chris, not me!) and is simply beautiful. Enjoy it!



©Bar Scott ASCAP 2006, 2015


More than the moonlight on Long Lake

or her water on my skin

I love you more

than the sky as daylight breaks

from the darkness that was night

glorious night!


the sound of waves and sand beneath my feet

As far as my eyes will ever see


I love you more

than the joy of Christmas morning

and the lights up on the tree

I love you more

than the colors of the night

when I close my eyes and my dreams come to life


In pouring rain with pools around my feet

and soft summer rain that cools the heat

I love you more


When winter comes

and water forms in sheets and icicles

one snowflake falling

a miracle in flight

and when the morning comes and all is white

I love you more


With ocean waves and sand beneath my feet

In all that I see

You are to me

I love you more